Where it all started…..


Ok – so I’ll rewind a little. Until a few years ago it seemed I’d got caught up in the usual materialistic and practical things in life and had almost ignored the important things around me, such as taking time out, exploring the local area and generally stimulating my senses and feeling good about myself and life again. After all, work and study isn’t everything is it? So a throwaway comment from a work colleague sparked an interest in Geocaching…and yay I had a dog to take too, so off we went to sniff out a local cache.
G/caching is similar to a treasure trail but navigation is through your smart phone or other GPS device, and it costs small beans (I’ll post more details about this later). I dragged the teen monster with me and after some arguing in the car over co-ordinates, we neared the goods. The geo-hound went nuts as we spotted a plastic container stuffed behind a telephone post. Our first geocache….yay!! From there the story begins……

first cache

Note: our first find site complete with sloping telegraph pole….

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